maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

LTE Pilot shows good results in TeliaSonera Finland

LTE or Long Term Evolution is 3GPP standard for Mobile Networks and is evolution for family of WCDMA based wireless networks.

But what does the standard really mean for us?

Recently Finnish TIETOKONE Magazine reported pretty interesting results from TeliaSonera's LTE test zone of 7 LTE Release 8 base stations in city of Turku, Southwest Finland.

According to their tests peak download speed of 40 Mbps was reached and for example downloads from the magazine's web library was 22 Megs by average. But what was even more impressive to me was the fact that RTD (round trip delay) to FICIX (Finnish Internet Exchange) took only 32 millisec by average. This is far better than what we get from 3G today. I'd say that getting more bandwidth with LTE is great but less delay translates to better end user experience thus is even more important.

All in all these results are good news for Web Video content providers waiting to get their content to Mobile Phones and Tablets.

So what these results tell to me and our company?

Let's note that the results are from Pilot network that is hardly congested at all.

When the Mobile Web Video hit's the prime time I guess we have some traffic & performance monitoring to do. Also our Windows Agent with TCP Download Speed Test could be pretty useful tool to assest the network prior any public launch.

perjantai 20. elokuuta 2010

Nokia N9 QWERTY-slidin' with Intel/Nokia Meego OS (Linux) leaked!

While ago Iphone changed the smartphone market place with large nice to use touch screen and good web apps. Since then mobile data usage has rocketed to new heights around the world.

Now Nokia, teamed with Intel is gearing up to take the high end smartphone leader position back from Iphone and Android phones.

The Nokia N9 smartphone or Mobile Computer like Nokia like to call it's powerhouse is not only running Linux based Meego OS, jointly developed by Nokia and Intel, but ships with sleek aluminium casing and what is more important, full QWERTY slidin' keyboard.

We can only guess what impact this phone has for mobile web usage specially in areas where Nokia has been traditionally very strong. And let's face it - touch screen is nice, but phone with both keyboard and touch screen is far better in Web usage.

While waiting for official launch by Nokia, here's link to the leak post