maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2009

Scripting it all - or not?

What's the nature of the scripting.

Scripting is great in automating some task such as creating a new accounts in Unix. Tons of other examples are out there - no doubt about it. But enough is enough. Trying to solve service or performance management challenges with scripts does not fly. Quick proof of concept with limited amount of network elements will be a success. I'm talking about safe lab environment where all devices share same firmware, default configuration and unexpected events are just a scary dream.

But when we're talking about scalable service provider solutions there's totally different beast to tackle. Then we must walk instead of talk. All scripts, now called software are developed and tested by full time professionals. And continuous improvements in quality and function not to mention scalability is must.

So what's difference between software and scripts? The software, even with some bugs is meant to fly - and continue to fly safely where scripts will do the trick until limits are reached and wings burned.

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