torstai 18. maaliskuuta 2010

Mobile World Congress wants Active Service Monitoring

I just stumbled upon this article about MWC at European Telecom Blog.

Very interesting to see that industry is now really after Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul with advanced Performance Monitoring and Service Level Management capabilities.

John McCann says: "The MWC was a fantastic opportunity to talk with a number of carriers and vendors who all know that there is an issue but I have yet to see anyone who has a complete end-to-end solution. Some vendors have great radios, some vendors monitor excellently, and some vendors offer a cost efficient way of backhauling. As has happened many times before a very clever network engineer somewhere around the world will come up with a way to solve these problems elegantly without going way over budget and ensuring a consistently good revenue stream.

Are you that engineer?"

At least I think we can say that we have already most of the pieces of the puzzle in place, maybe we should attend MWC next year :)

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